The amount of the stay is being paid entirely on booking. Additional options can be paid on the spot. The reservation is considered as final after reception of the lease of agreement signed and attached with the booking payment. Caution: timeframe of 7 days. In case of non-reception of the payment within this period, your booking will be automatically cancelled.


  • Credit card: online payment facility
  • Bank Transfer : Crédit Agricole de Tauves
  • Bank cheque or postal cheque to « Les Cabanes des Volcans »
  • Please note: it is imperative that you state your reservation number with your payment.


3/1- Changes or cancellation on your behalf

In case of illness, accident or death and strictly under the presentation of a health certificate, we are committed to reimburse the totality of your payment or to postpone your stay free of charge. The cancellation of a reservation will be effective once you have received a response from CDV.

For any stay cancelled more than 30 days before your arrival date, and not falling in the clauses of cancellation mentioned above, we will withhold 30% of the amount of the stay. From 30 to 8 days before the stay, 60% of the stay will be withheld. For all stays cancelled in the last 7 days before your arrival, interrupted or not used for whatever reason, the full amount of the stay will be withheld by Les Cabanes des Volcans.

3/2- Change or cancellation on our behalf before your arrival

In case of an orange weather forecast alert with events beyond our control, such as thunderstorms, we reserve the right to cancel your stay for security reasons. In that case, we will offer you to reschedule your stay within the following 12 months.

3/3- Change or cancelation on the spot on your behalf

In a situation of refusal to access your tree house (due to fear, vertigo…) we will try to change accommodation depending on our availabilities. No other compensation can be asked. If there were no solutions to offer you in that case, 50% of the amount will be reimbursed.

3/4- Change or cancellation on the spot on our behalf

In case of severe weather forecast alert with events beyond control, such as thunderstorms, we reserve the right to cancel your stay in a tree house for safety reasons. We will find you a place to stay somewhere else depending on availability and without extra, in that case only, you will receive a 50% bargain on your next stay during the next 12 months. No other compensation can be asked. If there is no other accommodation available, the entirety of the amount of your stay will be reimbursed.


Rates as they appear on our website or our brochures can be changed depending on economic circumstances or regulatory provisions, tax is inclusive. The only fixed price is the one that appears on your reservation form or any other confirmation mail.


The number of persons mentioned for each tree house corresponds to the maximum authorized occupancy in view of the available equipment. It cannot be exceeded for security and insurance reasons. Children’s age is determined per their birth date and the date of the beginning of the stay. ID may be asked for to verify the child’s age before your stay.


We advise you not to leave any valuable items either in tree houses or vehicles.


In case of controversy, only Tribunal of Clermont Ferrand competences will be acknowledged.


In preparation of your stay: arrivals are scheduled on the domain between 4pm and 8pm.
We would ask you to communicate to us your arrival time (by email or phone) 48 hours before your stay. In case you arrive later than planned or if you were delayed at the last minute, it is important that you inform us. In this situation, a charge of 10 euros will be added to your bill.
When you arrive, a 50€ deposit check will be asked in case of damages of identified theft during your stay. The tree houses are equipped with dry toilets, a wash basin and a water reserve. A space heater will be provided during winter season. The “Cimes du Sancy” cabin is equipped with a modern bathroom with normal toilets, a stove and electrical heater. It also has a hot-tub. The hot-tub access is forbiden to children under 6 years old and not recommended for pregnant women, young childre and people suffering from cardiac problems or hypertension. The use of the hot tub require the respect of the rules that will be given to you during your stay.
Accommodations must be free by 11am on your departure day. We ask you to leave the place as clean as possible and to return the furniture in its designated area. A guestbook will be available to make any generals notes or suggestions on your stay for us to improve customer service.