Staying in one of our cabins is an original adventure. For you to make the most of it and for us to welcome you in the best conditions, it is very important to consider the conditions of such a stay.  Please read these conditions carefully before you book.


Our tree houses are accessible by: stairs, spiral stairs, ladders and footbridges.

Meïzou des Puys, Meïzou Mata and Au Brendezï tree houses have easy accesses (aside from the upper deck in Au brendezi) so are not age restricted.

Nis de Bisou and Nis dau Sapi tree houses are equipped with ladders and footbridges. Their accesses are easy for people in good physical shape.

However, people who are not in good physical conditions may find the access to these tree houses difficult. We highly recommend these persons’ book one of the easier to access tree houses available.

We advise people who are suffering from vertigo not to book in Nis de Bisou or Nis dau Sapï tree house.


Our tree houses are in a forest at 1200 meters alt. These conditions are the reason why we must be very cautious regarding the weather forecast.

In case of thunder, high winds (>=70km/h) or heavy snowfalls, we reserve the right to reschedule your stay. Those specific cases are quite rare; however, it is important that we can contact you the day before and the day of your arrival if such a situation should occur.

Please remember to give us your phone number once you have booked. In case you have any doubts or questions, feel free to call us or contact us by email to obtain more information.

Nis de Bisou and Nis Dau Sapï tree houses can move on windy days. They were designed this way. Some people will enjoy this feeling, others may not: we recommend these people chose one of the other 3 tree houses.

Yet again, those cases are rare but it is important that we specify them.


Our tree houses are in the heart of the Nordic domain of the Sancy Mountain and offer both a direct access to cross country slopes or to snowshoe hiking tracks. You can also go downhill skiing in some ski stations very cloth from the domain (Chastreix: 10 minutes, Le Mont Dore: 15 min and Super Besse: 25 minutes).

The tree houses are isolated and are equipped with a petroleum stove. You must remember they are tree houses and not proper mountains chalets. We will provide duvets as well as blankets. You should bring warm clothes in sufficient quantity as well as shoes that are adequate for snow.

Our reception building will be at your disposal (living room) for you to enjoy a reading or gaming break.


The tree houses are in the forest and we ask you to be gentle with its inhabitants. You might be lucky enough to meet animals (deer, rabbits, foxes, squirrels…) We ask you to respect this natural space and not to leave rubbish elsewhere than in the waste bags provided.